Original Thought Landscape Lighting Designs

Our Landscape Lighting company in Spring, Texas is leading the outdoor lighting industry with original thought design techniques, it's just one of the many things that set The Woodlands Nightscaping apart from the crowd. Fixture placement, illumination and light angles are paramount.

Custom Brass LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

We use "truly custom brass fixtures" with specific illumination and optics for every single location. This is one major key to a spectacular landscape lighting design. Our fixtures will last a LIFETIME. A few types of powdered coated aluminum or plastic fixtures just won't last.

Jaw dropping Outdoor Lighting Installations

The difference is clear. The right light in the right location creates a truly unique LED outdoor lighting experience. In The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas, our low voltage lighting systems highlight the best aspects of your property.


By placing special fixtures 30-50 ft. high in trees we are able create the look of a full moon, nightly. This is a beautiful and subtle way to light your landscape. This technique (done right) requires a certain color kelvin and a specific light filter.

Landscape Lighting Repairs

When most others can't, we can REPAIR your existing Landscape Lighting system. Many manufactures have specific parts, we have the knowledge to get those parts and make the proper repairs. 

LED Christmas Lights

When Christmas is near, let The Woodlands Nightscaping take the hard work and all of the stress out of putting up quality LED Christmas Lights off your already busy Holiday plate. 

brass landscape lighting fixtures in The Woodlands

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